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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ultra Hot Alex Pettyfer

He is practically unknown here in the U.S., but British actor/model Alex Pettyfer, who recently turned 18, is my candidate for sexiest human being alive. He played the title role in a TV version of Tom Brown's School Days which was shown once or twice on BBC America. He embodied Anthony Horowitz's teen spy hero in Stormbreaker (AKA: Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker) which was barely released in the U.S. He will be seen opposite Emma "niece of Julia" Roberts in this summer's Wild Child. His highest profile gig, at least on this side of the Atlantic, has been a series of advertisements for Burberry. Here's how hot he is: even with those awful tattoos he is still about the loveliest thing I have ever beheld. Rest assured, there is more of him to come.

(He has a really awesome accent, too.)

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