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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Alex Pettyfer Mania Continues!

I have no idea where this came from or why it even exists. It's Alex playing air guitar and and dancing to the craptastic "classic rock" standby Freebird. (I think. I'm not really that up on that particular musical genre.) Isn't he adorable? Don't you want to give him a great big kiss? Well, back off! He's mine!


  1. Well you can have him all to yourself :P I already have a boyfriend and I don't think my Chace (Crawford) would take kindly to me giving his sugar to another.

    And "Free Bird" is an awesome, classic song, young lady! Obviously ALEX doesn't find it too "craptastic".

  2. If Free Bird is such a great song, why didn't Ethel Merman ever record it?

  3. LOL...Now that's a good question. You've stumped me.