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Saturday, July 12, 2008

"I Have Been Waiting For These Visitors"

Call me a stereotype (Go on! I dare you!) but if there are two things I love in this world they are musicals, and ABBA. Well, I could make a whole list of things I love in this world, but musicals and ABBA would be right up there. So it should come as no surprise that I can hardly wait for next week's premiere of the film version of Mamma Mia, and not just because über-sexy Dominic Cooper is in it, though that sure doesn't hurt. I saw the stage version of Mama Mia! last year when a touring company came through my town. I can't say it is a great musical: the story and script are banal in the extreme, in most cases the songs have no connection with what is happening in the story, and the whole thing is padded out with a curtain call that is almost as long as the second act, plus it didn't have what I would call a first-rate cast. But, wow, did the audience I saw it with love that show, and I had a good time too. You always hear about people dancing in the aisles, but how often do you really see it? So the folks who made the movie of Mamma Mia! are going to have to really screw up to make a movie that won't be a great time. I mean, come on! Streep singing ABBA! I've already ordered my ticket.


  1. I had no idea Mr. Cooper had such a nice caboose on him. Choo-choo!

    I've got mixed feelings about the movie. Like you said, it looks like it could be a great time. But musicals usually make me cringe whether they're staged or on film. But Meryl, whom I've loved and admired since childhood, is in it so it can't be all that bad. Maybe I should save the twelve bucks (yes, TWELVE here in SoCal) and wait for the DVD?

  2. The best part of living in the hinterlands is that I can still see a movie for under nine dollars.
    And I live within walking distance of the multiplex!

  3. Lucky cow! You have to drive EVERYWHERE here. Getting a place near all your essential haunts is like striking gold in California. And a movie for under nine dollars? Yaah, maybe if you blow the manager of the theater. If I weren't looking to break into the movies, I'd move to your small-town paradiso.

  4. Oh, honey! Paradiso it ain't! For every plus there is a minus, believe me.