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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meanwhile, Back At YouTube

I just think this guy, Jimmy0010,  is hilarious.  He's kind of like Lewis Black, if Lewis Black were 19, British, and really cute.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Random Shirtless Guy of the Day

Since the post I was going to post today was taking too long I decided to throw something up quickly. So I guess you'll just have to look at this poor, unattractive guy for a while.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Damn! Is It Wednesday Already?

I guess I'd better post something. How about Nicholas Hoult as photographed by Kai Z Feng? I have to remind you: Same kid who starred in About A Boy. Unbelievable.

Watch him on Skins, Sunday Nights, BBC America.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Sound of My Jaw Hitting the Floor

After a very long day today I think Karma has rewarded me. Here's what I found on my usual web rounds tonight: Alex Pettyfer has had a new photo session with my hero, photographer Kai Z Feng. Who is straight. As an arrow. So he says. 

My oh my, oh my. 

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Too Tired

Dear Readers,

Ok, normally I don't go this long between posts, but work has been a bitch and I just started rehearsing a play and frankly I'm just too freakin' tired to be clever or even pick out a good picture. So for the 99.9% of you who are just looking for pretty boys, here's a picture of Corey Sevier that's been sitting on my hard drive for a couple of years. Can't go wrong with him. He's Canadian you know.

To those of you who read the words, I promise to put more effort into this in the future. Maybe sometime next week.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Obligatory Olympics-themed Post

You could probably search the whole wide world and never find another person who is less interested in athletics than me. Seriously.  Now, athletes, that's a different story. For years I've been keeping an eye on Fabian Hambuechen (or Hambüchen, if you're into umlauts) a teeny tiny not-quite 21 year-old gymnast from Germany.  He's won all kinds of medals and is very well-known in Deutschland. And hmm, what do you know? I just found out that he just won a bronze medal for something or other at some big sporting event in China.  Um, ping-pong, perhaps? Anyway, he's about a dozen kinds of cute, and I just can't get enough of him. 

Here's a little salute to him from a German TV broadcast, via YouTube and the All About Strength blog.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Terrible Confession

Today at work they were playing the 80's music station. (Confession #1, this time not so terrible: In this case "they" means me. I was the first person at work and I had a yearning desire to hear Adam Ant.) So what song should come on but Rick Astley's Together Forever. And I was shamefully reminded how much I really liked this song when it was new, and how cute I thought Rick Astley was. Now, here is the terrible confession. I still do.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Austin Butler (And Some Girl)

A reader named Ryan wrote me and let me know that Austin Butler had recently celebrated his 17 birthday, and he is therefore, as Ryan put it, "almost there." Almost, but not quite. Ryan inspired me to post a few more pictures of pretty Austin.

These seem to fall two categories, the first being very innocent looking photos of a shirtless Austin doing things that one doesn't necessarily normally do in a shirtless state, unless, I guess, you look like Austin Butler, and then honestly, why would you wear a shirt ever?

The others are professional shots of Austin with some girl, presumably his girlfriend. Looking at her I have a feeling I should know her from someplace; maybe a TV movie on Lifetime or The Disney Channel. She looks a little bit like a mini-Ellen Barkin, if Ellen Barkin used Britney Spears' stylist. These are divided into two subsets: a black and white set set features a lot of Austin skin while Girlfriend pulls a bitchface and feels him up. He's no more than sixteen in these pictures but it looks like he is auditioning for a Mexican Novella. Oh, and he looks like he wants to hurl. Perhaps I'm reading too much into this?

The second subset has Austin made-up as some kind of suburban idea of a punk rocker. The girl is also made-up, but it's the same kind of too much makeup for someone who isn't actually in drag as she's working in all of her pictures. Of course they are still groping each other, which, of course, sixteen-year-olds will do, albeit usually not in such a public forum.

Finally, we have one picture that stands alone. Austin, still in his "punk" make-up, facing the camera alone. He looks like the perfect little transvestite angel. I just want to take him into the bathroom, scrub his face with soap and water, and tell him that from now on he should stay out of Mommy's cosmetics.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Model of the Moment

What is it about English boys named Alex? Here's Alex Gilbert, previously seen here as a Random Shirtless Guy. Alex reminds me of the guys Bruce Weber and Herb Ritts used to photograph back in the 1980s when all the male models were trying to look like James Dean or Chet Baker. He also reminds me a bit of Kate Moss, so go figure.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Every Day's a Little Bit Better With Mitch In It

All this talk about Skins (Sunday, August 17 at 9pm eastern, 8pm central on BBC America; consult your local listings, dammit! What am I your mother?) has had me thinking about the divine Mitch Hewer, who was a complete unknown before he got the role of  Maxxie.  It's interesting that Maxxie, the token gay if we're being honest, is also the least neurotic, most likable character on the show, and yet he never comes off as some kind of plaster saint.  I think it is a tribute to the sunny optimism that Mitch brings to the role, at least in the early part of the series,  that really sets him apart. Plus, bonus! He's a terrific dancer. And of course he's completely beautiful. 

Next up for Mitch is Britannia High, described as a British version of Fame. It sounds distressingly similar to  Nearly Famous, which stank up British TV screens last year.  Oh well, Mitch. We'll always have Bristol.

Alex Pettyfer Love is Everywhere

Last Saturday The Irish Times ran a story by Roison Ingle about the Dublin premiere of Wild Child. Mostly it was an interview with Emma Roberts, but this line stood out:

"Thankfully in teenworld, whether it's 1968 or 2008, some things never change... when one of the stars of the film, blonde dreamboat Alex Pettyfer walks into the cinema, the girls dissolve in a seething mass of sighs, bosom-clutching antics and puce faces. And that's just the thirtysomething journalists."

It's not just the girls, Roison.

Gays unite! This Injustice MUST NOT STAND!

Cher fanatic has stereo crushed

A Cher fan who blasted out her hits so loudly neighbours could make out the lyrics has had his CDs and stereo crushed writes Ben Glaze

Karl Wiosna, 44, used to play songs by U2 and Cher at such a volume in his Valleys’ terraced house people living nearby could hear her exact words.
Rhondda Cynon Taf council told a neighbour to keep a diary of when Wiosna belted out the tunes from his home in The Graig, Pontypridd.
The neighbour’s detailed records led to undercover experts installing hi-tech sound recording equipment in their home to monitor noise levels from Wiosna’s house.
The council said in a statement last night: “A legal notice under the Environmental Protection Act was served on Wiosna demanding he reduce the volume or stop playing music, or his stereo equipment, tapes and CDs would be seized.
“Just a week after the legal notice was received, officers were called to the address during an out-of-hours emergency by a neighbour.
“Environmental health staff in the front room of the property next to Wiosna’s could hear the music so clearly they could pick out the lyrics to the songs, which included Cher and U2.
“As a result of the visit, it was decided a statutory noise nuisance existed and further legal proceedings began.”
Environmental health officers applied to Pontypridd magistrates for a warrant to enter Wiosna’s home to seize audio equipment and accessories.
The application was granted and, later that day, officers – backed up by police officers – raided the house where they confiscated speakers, a tape and record player, a separate tape deck and record stack, a portable radio, more than 30 cassettes and a CD wallet.
Wiosna was told he faced prosecution for breaching a noise abatement order served on him earlier this year.
He appeared at Rhondda Magistrates’ Court and pleaded guilty to breaching the order. Wiosna was fined £200 and ordered to pay £50 costs.
He was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £15 and an application to seize and destroy the audio equipment was granted.
At his home yesterday, Wiosna said: “I didn’t play the music that loud and it wasn’t just Cher, I used to play heavy metal as well.
“They took £500 to £600 worth of stuff. I don’t think they should be able to do it, it isn’t right.”
RCT council’s environmental health chief, Mike Forey, said: “We are committed to responding to the concerns of our community, especially when it comes to issues that affect their quality of life.
“In this case, the swift and effective actions of environmental health officers enabled the issue to be dealt with and I hope it serves as a reminder to others that we can take them to court and seize their belongings if they do not cease causing a nuisance to others.”

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Skins!

Many thanks to Daphne, who hooked me up with these lovely pictures of the Skins cast. Only four more days until Skins makes its debut on BBC America. That's Sunday, August 17 at 9pm eastern, 8pm central.  I cannot stress enough how much I think you'll enjoy this show. If you don't have BBC America in your channel line-up, now may be the time to do something about it. Switch to satellite or something. Anyway, Daphne also very kindly directed me to the Skins YouTube channel, here,  which has tons of good stuff to check out. For instance, here's a trailer:

And here's  a little something to whet your appetite: a scene between Tony and Maxxie played by the yummy twosome of Nicholas Hoult and Mitch Hewer

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An Orgy of Alex, Day Three: Glasgow

It's Day Three of the Alex and Emma UK media tour and we are now in beautiful Glasgow, the site of another "pink carpet premiere."   The dynamic duo appeared on BBC Radio Scotland's morning show MacAuley and Company. You may listen to it here. 

Coming up: Day Four- Manchester

Random Things Found on the Internet

I don't know why, but I am just fascinated by this site I stumbled upon which features fashions for Muslim women. Who knew there was a Dubai fashion week? It makes sense- I'm sure Muslim women want to look good too. I wonder if there is a Middle East version of Project Runway.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Random Shirtless Guy of the Day

I actually like this guy's bottom half better than his top half. Those legs! Woof!