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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Every Day's a Little Bit Better With Mitch In It

All this talk about Skins (Sunday, August 17 at 9pm eastern, 8pm central on BBC America; consult your local listings, dammit! What am I your mother?) has had me thinking about the divine Mitch Hewer, who was a complete unknown before he got the role of  Maxxie.  It's interesting that Maxxie, the token gay if we're being honest, is also the least neurotic, most likable character on the show, and yet he never comes off as some kind of plaster saint.  I think it is a tribute to the sunny optimism that Mitch brings to the role, at least in the early part of the series,  that really sets him apart. Plus, bonus! He's a terrific dancer. And of course he's completely beautiful. 

Next up for Mitch is Britannia High, described as a British version of Fame. It sounds distressingly similar to  Nearly Famous, which stank up British TV screens last year.  Oh well, Mitch. We'll always have Bristol.

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