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Friday, August 8, 2008

Great News! Mark Your Calendar!

Great news for US television audiences: BBC America will be bringing us the first series of the brilliant teen drama Skins, a must-watch TV show if there ever was one. Skins is a show that could never have been made in America. It nonchalantly portrays nudity, profanity, fornication, homosexuality, drug and alcohol use, even cigarette smoking (!) among high school students. In comparison, Gossip Girl seems like Dora The Explorer. It is also funny, surprising and moving in ways that I won't even go into here. You just have to watch it. If you aren't convinced, have I mentioned that it is also a major source of guy candy? I know! So superficial!

I've already blogged about Nicholas Hoult, the boy in About A Boy, now six feet four inches of hot. Nick is absolutely brillilant as the seemingly amoral and quite unlikable Tony. I've also blogged about gorgeous blond Mitch Hewer. His character, Maxxie (The Gay One), was initially, along with Dev Patel's Anwar, more of a supporting character, but Mitch emerged as such a fan favorite that he moved front and center in series two. Joe Dempsey plays the totally effed up, frequently naked, high-school teacher banging, drugged-up Chris. My favorite character is Sid, played by Mike Bailey. Mike is what I would call "stealth hot." Look past the baggy, ill-fitting clothes, the glasses (except I always think glasses are sexy) and the wool cap over the bad haircut and you will see that Mike Bailey is totally adorkable. Plus he has a hot little bod.

Um, there are some girls in it too, I think.

My biggest worry about Skins, even on cable TV, is the likelihood that it will be censored in some way. At the very least some of the language will be excised. It will be interesting to see if all of the sex and substance abuse makes it on air. Skins will air on Sunday nights on BBC America starting August 17. Check your local listings. Be there.


  1. Now I wish I had BBC America. Great.

  2. Poor eye candy starved Americans. :)

  3. Skins is amazing. I've seen both seasons and they're some of the best TV I've ever seen.

  4. Any eye candy is better with an English accent. Did you see Love,Actually? The storyline with Kris Marshall? He can't get laid in London so he gets on a plane to Minnesota where all the women he meets throw themselves at him because he's English? That is sooooo not an exaggeration. Americans go weak-kneed at the sound of an English accent. Me included.

  5. Vera, love the site. And you are 100% dead on. He's Adorkable!

    Love it...