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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mitch Hewer Gets His Kit Off Again

I love that phrase- it's soooo British. Get your kit off. Anyway. Someone at Famous Male Forums snatched this from a site called, and I'm not too proud to take it for my own self. Kind of a dumb photoshoot, but even covered in crap Mitch Hewer is devooon. Have you been watching him in Skins? If not, why not? (Sunday 9/8 central, BBC America.) Oh, and here's a bonus from the lens of Kai Z Feng.


  1. I love seeing Mitch "get his kit off" as well as the next gay ... um, guy. But when I think of Mitch getting dirty, this isn't exactly what I have in mind. Gild the lily, don't have it roll around in a hog parlor! Still, quite a nice pic.

  2. "Hog parlor"- love that phrase!