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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Future Ex-Husbands: Matt Prokop

This seems wrong in so many ways, but lately I have been a little bit obsessed, well not obsessed really,more like very intrigued with Matt Prokop. I've never seen him act, I've only seen pictures of him and a few little interview thingies on the internets. As I reported before, his big break is a secondary role in High School Frickin' Musical 3, possibly to be followed by a primary role in High School Frickin' Musical 4 (we don't even know for sure if that will happen). I seriously don't want to get sucked into the High School Frickin' Musical phenomena, but there's something about him that makes me go a little gooey inside. He's just ridiculously cute.
Look at this video of him doing a photo shoot for Popstar! Magazine. Listen to the surfer-boy lilt in his voice. Note how cherubic his face looks in repose. Then see how his smile turns him into a total goofball, which is totally endearing. Watch him turn the cute on on cue. This kid knows exactly what he's doing. He's 18 years old and the human equivalent of a plush toy. There's no way that I, or my fellow 12 year-old girls (of all ages)can resist.
He ain't no Alex Pettyfer, though.


  1. Oh, he is a cutie all right. For my money, he's the cutest in the entire "High School Frickin' Musical" franchise.

  2. Matts lovely .it was quite something seeing him in that video . I saw a clip of matt laying down his vocals with all of the cast , except for Zac . Maybe Zac had a sore throat or something that day .