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Friday, October 10, 2008


I have never watched Friday Night Lights, the NBC (and now DirectTV) show about a Texas high school football team. I've heard it's good. But I've never watched it. And so here's what I've been missing. Taylor Kitsch. If he's a high school student, I'm the Queen Dowager of Transylvania.

Thanks for the photos go to Cinmiester at Famous Male Forums.

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  1. Your dubious provenance notwithstanding, Your Highness, I can scarcely believe you're unfamiliar with kitsch of any stripe. ;-)

    But there's kitsch and then there's Kitsch. I'm not much into athletics (athletes, yes!) but I wouldn't mind queuing up in a huddle with some of that. Ooh, plus that erstwhile friend of fairies, Jeremy Sumpter, has joined the cast in season 3.