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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Model of the Moment

I'm not sure how I feel about 22 year-old Cole Mohr, one of the current It boys of the modeling world. There's no denying that he has a good face, but in some photos he's waaaaay pretty and in others he looks like a meth addict. Cole is widely credited as being the boy who kick-started the skinny male model trend. Now, lord knows Auntie Vera likes her some skinny boys, but he's the-last-days-of-Karen-Carpenter kind of skinny, the kind of skinny where you want to feed him and get him some psychiatric help. But what the hell do I know? Some photographers like him so much that they even use him to model women's clothes.


  1. I don't get it. He has an interesting face, but why exactly is he modeling women's clothes? I'm sure there are some lovely models out there who are better suited for that. But, like you said, what the hell do I know?

  2. Gosh, he's certainly toothsome enough. But he appears emaciated ... not a good look for anyone.