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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Styles That Might Not Catch On: Special Victims Unit.

Shortly after I posted my semi-regular Fashions That Might Not Catch On feature I noticed that the obviously very attractive model has a name and that name is Jensen Neuens. I've decided that he looks like the love child of Mitch Hewer and Peter Berlin. Naturally I googled him and I discovered that stylists seem to love putting him in their most dubious clothing. So, here he is boys! Here he is world! Here's Jensen! Our first Special Victim!


  1. As partial as I am to pink spandex sequin pants with a veil and red running shoes, there's nothing that says fall fashion like a nice top coat and scarf with nothing on underneath, I always say.

  2. Oooh. I find the top photo -- hunky blond merman in a net -- very disturbing. And VERY, VERY appealing. Wonder what sort of bait attracts those? Any ideas?