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Monday, December 8, 2008

My Dream Boy

Wild Child, the teen chick flick starring Emma Roberts and a supporting cast including my fantasy boyfriend Alex Pettyfer, is released on DVD in the UK today. In an attempt at canny counter-programming, it is set to be released in the US in May, on the same day as Star Trek, so good luck with that, Universal Studios. Alex's role is not huge, nor is it challenging, and mainly depends on charm, which he has in spades. Despite the fact that he is on screen for only about 20% of the time, Wild Child was promoted in the UK as the Alex and Emma show.

But, what the heck. I just like looking at him. And it's been ages since I've posted him, so here are caps from the Wild Child closing credits. Isn't he pretty?


  1. I actually liked this film more than 'snogging thongs'
    with Kick Buns Aarron . watching action alex swoon around . i thought why didn't they cast action alex in the remake of brideshead or dorian grey ?.

  2. I watched Angus Thongs on Sunday and Wild Child last night. I actually thought Wild Child was the better movie, but both were entertaining and both were completely predictable. I have heard some interesting rumors about what's next for Alex, not from a completely reliable source, but it sounds like we may have some cool stuff to look forward to.

  3. ooh that sounds interesting re future projects .
    Action Alex has that horror film coming out , i guess next year . I could think of a variety of roles I'd love to see him in .

  4. Well, those of us in the U.S. are just going to have to wait. Too bad Alex doesn't have more of a role in this one -- at least he gets topless.