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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One Thing I Like About The Internet

One thing I like about the internet is that when you come home after a long, hard, awful day at work, and you have to trudge through a snowstorm for several blocks because the night bus that you usually don't take doesn't really come very close to your house, and you finally get home only to discover that your dog, who you love, but God damn it (!), has knocked over your Christmas tree while you were at work, and furthermore, you internet is effed up again because your service provider is Satan, and after you are on the phone with customer service for forty minutes (and don't even ask what that entailed) and you eventually get on line, sometimes, just sometimes, you may come across a beautiful photo of William Moseley all shirtless and gorgeous and looking like L'après-midi d'un faune, and for just a while everything is all right.


  1. The wonderful William does look particularly wonderfull there . Im still a bit gutted following Prince Caspians release , the wonderful one never did any sexy promo pictures like the ones with Russel Baer took of him .

    Surely with talent like Williams I would have thought
    Keith Munyan or Kai Z Feng could not wait to get there
    hands on him !

  2. I have never before had a desire to go to Iowa, but your sense of humor almost makes me wish I were there just because I'm sure talking to and hanging out with you is NEVER boring. And I love the Moseley photo, God Bless ya.

  3. Three cheers of High King Peter the Magnificent! -- And yes, William himself, who is a treat no matter how many clothes he has on (or off).

    I flew into Indianapolis on Tuesday and am glad to be escaping back to SoCal on Saturday!

    My questions is: How has Kai Z Feng not gotten his hands ... errrr camera ... on William yet?