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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Do These Fine Young Men Have In Common?

Perhaps they have nothing in common, except that they are all actors in the 18-21 set, but a completely unsubstantiated rumor has surfaced that this quartet of nubiles, Hunter Parrish, Rafi Gavron, Adam Gregory and Alex Pettyfer (and throw in Vince Vaughn for some adult star power) will be appearing in a movie together next year. The alleged film would be called Mafia High and is described as "an over-the-top Mean Girls, but with boys." But who would play the Lindsay Lohan role?

I can't stress enough that this rumor is completely unsubstantiated and that my source is 100% unproven. In fact, the more I think about it the more I tend to think that it's complete bullshit. On the other hand, if it proves to be true... I believe that so much hotness on screen at one time would likely make my head explode. Can you even imagine?


  1. If it doesn't come true, we must MAKE it come true.

    Rafi is so Regina. ♥

  2. Action Alex and the hunkster together ? can it be true . I really like that Adam G , he looks like a young superman ! and rafi too! holy dream teen supermix !

  3. As far as things in common go, you failed to mention that they're all edible.

  4. Rafi Gavron can have me any time he wants, he does not know what he is missing...