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Monday, December 22, 2008

Where Do They Come From?

How does this happen? Until recently I had never heard of Avan Jogia, a 16-year-old actor who has thus far only had smallish roles in smallish projects. Now it seems as if everywhere I turn there he is, even though he still hasn't had a breakthrough role. Well, Avan, you sure are pretty. I hope you have as much luck with the acting thing as you have with the getting your picture on the internet thing.
Oh, and the answer to my question, where do they come from? Canada, of course.


  1. Ah, another toothsome Canadian lad!

    Avan and friend Josh Hutcherson share a Youtube channel called JawsSweetEyes.

  2. I think Disney breeds them in a lab somewhere. I'd like to work at that lab!

  3. Actually, I used to work in that lab, and it was beyond frustrating.

  4. Saw him in an episode of "Angels in America" about a year or more ago, was like WHOA!! NEVER saw some of these pics, thanks again for another sizzling post!

  5. Crap, did I saw "Angels in America"? Sorry, meant "ALIENS in America" - but man, he's still a personal favorite, and "yummy" doesn't even cover it!