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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Define "Denial"

David Dust had this up on his blog the other day and it was so funny (and, I guess, sad) that I had to share it with you. (Plagiarism is such an ugly word. Let's call it an homage.)
Seriously, though. This chick found a gay jack-off mag in her son's room and thinks it means her son must be dating a girl? I know that denial is a powerful thing, but this woman needs meds. And fast.


  1. Wow, that chick's name has to be Cleopatra - Queen of "DE-NIAL"!!

    This is hilarious - that in this day and age such out-of-touch stupidity still runs rampant. It IS sad, at the same time as being funny. SIGH.

  2. It gets worse. Before the entire thread was deleted by Yahoo, someone suggested to "Bethany" that her son might be gay.

    "Bethany" claimed that there was NO WAY that Junior was gay, because they had raised him in the Church. The Sweet Baby Jesus was somehow preventing him from being gay - but not from smuggling porn and/or "girls" into his room.

    How, exactly, does that work??


  3. LMAO, that sounds like it could be my mom.

  4. Jeesh, J.D., I hope you're kidding!

  5. Not entirely. LOL. She's so in denial, seriously, but I don't think she's that stupid.