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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fair Warning: I Am American Idol's Bitch

Every year I tell myself that this year I will not fall prey to the evil empire of American Idol. Every year I am wrong. Last night was the season premiere and even with a new judge it was the same old song and dance. The audition rounds are honestly my least favorite episodes, focusing, as they do, on the awful, the deranged, and the misguided, all of them hand-picked for humiliation, while we only get to see a few of the "good" auditions. A bunch of people (27?) got tickets to Hollywood and we will never see them. As for the ones we did see, I'm fairly certain that none of them will be in the finale, but you never know.

Oh, now this is interesting! Danny Noriega is back! And he has blue eyes now! Oh, wait. That isn't Danny at all. It's a horror movie-making 17-year-old from Detroit named Cody Sheldon. He's just like Danny Noriega except 45% less gay. I'm betting that this is the last we see of him. But again, you never know.


  1. Im just the same with our version of American Idol
    the X Factor , but every year I find myself under its spell . I'd like to see a bit more Cody , I wonder did they Cody singing ? .

  2. Cody did sing, and not badly. I bet that he'll be on YouTube before the day is through.

    I hate to admit this, but I downloaded and watched X Factor every Saturday night. I was obsessed with Eoghan Quigg.

  3. Well confession is good for the soul , Eoghan , did'nt do it for me i dont know why , i was hoping the other dark haired singer was going to get through to the live studio heats . Oddly I really liked Ruth Lerenzo and her power ballads .

    That said it was great Tv when Eoghan ran on in tears when his girlfriend got voted out .

  4. The thing is, I could tell that Eoghan was not the most talented singer, but I couldn't resist the little bugger. Must be my Irish heritage rearing it's ugly head.