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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This Is The Kind Of Stupid Thing I Do

I'm looking at the cover of a book and this painting by Agnolo Bronzino is on the cover. So I'm thinking, "Gosh, he's kind of hot!" and "Gee, I wonder if he's gay. He looks gay." Also: "It looks like he's a reader. That's always a good sign." And: " Well of course this is a painting. He might not look like that at all." And then it occurs to me that this guy has been dead for about five hundred years, and I feel bad about it.



  1. I think somebody needs a boyfriend...

    And by that I mean me, but w/e.

  2. No. It's not pathetic. It's pathos. Quite a noble emotion actually.

    And it doesn't cheapen your humanity one whit that the lad happens to be a retro-hottie!

  3. He is kinda hot and he does look kinda gay, but he also kinda looks like Uma Thurman.

  4. There's nothing pathetic about this at all - in fact, this is one of the best evocations I've ever read of why people paint, buy paintings, hang paintings, or have museums full of paintings (this Bronzino is one of my favorites): because art is not only ALIVE but IMMEDIATE. I think it's GREAT that one of the LAST things that struck you was how old the painting is ...

    True, in one sense, that young man has been dead for five hundred years (and sorry, he wasn't gay - not as we currently understand the word, anyway; he had sex with two men by the time he was 18, practically everybody did at the time ... he eventually settled down, married a woman, and had a house full of kids) - but in a very real other sense, the sense captured so wonderfully in your posting, he'll always be 18 and beautiful ... bravo!