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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Be My Frickin' Valentine

I hate, loath, despise and abominate Valentine's Day, a faux-holiday perpetrated by the (mostly heteronormative) sex/romance industrial complex in order to sell more crap. Obviously, if I weren't bitter and alone I might feel differently.

Boycott Valentine's Day, I say. Don't buy the cards. Don't buy the flowers. Don't buy the candy- until it's marked down to 75% off. Then go crazy. Tonight, instead of going to some fancy schmancy restaurant with their special twice-the-normal-price menu, stay home and order a pizza. What could be more delightful than Sausage Delight?


  1. omg thats Richard Gutierrez's shoot from Cosmo Philippines centerfold 3-4 years back! dayumm, epic


  2. I am with you! VALENTINES DAY SUX,SUX. and DOUBLE SUX!!!! and i do not mean SUX in the good way!!
    oh, btw, sorry for the late comment. been busy at work!