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Monday, February 9, 2009

Who Is Andrew Chrisian and Why Should I Vote For Him?

Auntie Vera just loves getting emails, even if they are from Nigerian government officials who desperately need her help with financial issues. So when I (switching to the first person) received the following email from a person named Zach it caught my attention:

"Please post on your blog to have all your readers go vote for Andrew Christian as he competes to be part of the new Bravo show on Fashion "The Fashion Show" most original title I know.

He needs our votes though, to get on! So please go vote!!!"

Despite the egregious use of exclamation points, I was intrigued. Who is Andrew Christian? What is The Fashion Show? Have I forgiven Bravo for last week's Top Chef? (Not quite.) Turns out that The Fashion Show is Bravo's new Project Runwayesque reality/competition show and the viewers (or should I say "potential viewers" as none of us has ever actually viewed the thing) get to choose one of the contestants. Either Andrew or Elise, a 24-year-old with a sob story. Since, Andrew is easy on the eyes, gay, already has his own line of underwear, and describes himself as a bitch, he gets my vote. Did I mention that he already has his own line of underwear?

You can vote for him here. Or not. It's up to you. Voting ends on Valentine's Day.


  1. Did you say gay with his own line of underwear? Yeah? I thought you did. Then you already know who gets my vote!

    Now, more seriously, what's all this about the excessive use of exclamation points?! Or, I can easily see this coming, the even tackier excessive use of the ubiquitous emoticon?!

    Mea culpa!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

    Chagrined but never chastened,

    Tee-hee! :-)
    (See there.)

  2. You are so right, my friend. If we don't nip this blatant punctuation abuse in the bud, soon we will have people writing things like this:


    As for emoticons, well, I can't even discuss them.