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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Blast From The Past, But Not My Past

Thomas "Tommi" Ohrner (b.1965) was a German teen idol of the first order in the 1980s. He made a big splash in the title role of the 1979 mini-series Timm Thaler, and went on to do many more TV roles, none of which ever made their way to the United States. He also released some bizzaro pop records and could often be found in the pages of magazines such as Bravo (home of the Bravo Boy!) lounging around in Speedos. I like to think of him as the German Scott Baio.


  1. Mmmm...maybe he was part of MY past :) I might even find some of those mags under my bed....if I dig deep enough.
    Thanks for the memories!

  2. That hair... *sigh*

    I would marry that hair, no matter who it was on top of.

  3. Vera said:

    "I like to think of him as the German Scott Baio.

    And I just like to think of him. Period.

    In truth, he quite resembles the Laborteaux twins. Not that I'm of age to remember them. No way.