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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Book of the Day

Geeky Dreamboats by Sarah O'Brien & Lacey Soslow may be, well is, the kind of thing that someone could churn out over the weekend without much effort, and, in fact, frequently do, but the premise is so spot-on that I find it close to irresistible. Granted, you won't find much here that you couldn't find with a quick Google search, but I learned a few surprising facts. Demetri Martin is 36 years old? Really? Jake Gyllenhaal is a Swedish nobleman? Who knew?

I think some of their choices are suspect. Do you think Jake Gyllenhaal is really a geek? How about Paul Rudd? I'm not so sure. Zac Efron is in there too, but at least they make a good case for his geekdom. I'm not buying it, but it is a pretty good argument.


  1. I would have added Justin Long , who has long been prince of the sexy geeks in my book , if i wrote a book .

  2. Justin is in there. I agree. I have thought Justin was the sexiest geek imaginable ever since Galaxy Quest.