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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dobson's Boys

Right-wing nutjobs of all stripes were shocked recently when one of their favorite comrades, professional homophobe and full-time asshat James Dobson, resigned from his position at the hate-mongering  religious group Focus on the Family, which he founded.   Many might wonder what Dobson will do with his time now that he won't be actively involved in protecting good, decent people from the evil, Hollywood, homosexual cabal.  Luckily, CAP News is keeping us updated with this article:

Please don't let the fact that the article is entirely fictitious keep you from enjoying it and spreading it around to all your friends.


  1. hehe , thats my sort of news site ( which I hadn't heard of before ) I thought his description of Action Alex was spot on ! fab !

    and hes even got a casting couch too .

  2. Funny stuff Vera!!!! Never heard of this site either but, i will check it out now and then. Thanx!