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Monday, March 23, 2009

News That Makes Me Insanely Happy

From IMDb:

Warner To Make DVD Copies To Order

23 March 2009 2:41 AM, PDT

There are just so many DVDs that a retailer can keep in stock -- and for that reason, no studio has ever released its entire library of movies on DVD. But Warner Bros. Home Video now plans to launch a new program under which anyone will eventually be able to order any of 6,800 films in the Warner library and receive a made-to-order copy within a week. "This news is going to make a lot of people really happy," George Feltenstein, senior vice president of theatrical catalog marketing at Warner Home Video, told USA Today. The program apparently is being rolled out in stages. In the first stage, being launched today (Monday), about 150 films never released on DVD will be offered for sale at $19.95 for a physical DVD and $14.95 for download from the website

I don't have nearly enough DVDs, so I am thrilled by this. Huzzah!


  1. This news makes me insanely happy as well. I am positively giddy that I'll eventually be able to own random movies that I only have on crappy quality DVD's that I taped from TV. Hooray!

  2. Thanks Ralph/Ruth- Glad you like it. Hope you can play along in the future!