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Monday, March 30, 2009

Why Aren't There More Good Pictures of Connor Paolo On the Internet?

When Connor Paolo was just a sprout there were pictures of him all over the Internet, flexing his barely adolescent biceps on One Life To Live, wrestling in a diaper in Alexander, tied, half naked to a bed on Law and Order Something or Other. However, now that he's no longer jail bait, and handsomer than ever, the Gossip Girl cutie is barely visible online, let alone in some sigh-worthy state of undress. And believe me, I've been looking. It's enough to make a girl stomp her cha-cha heels.


  1. Those are some er big biker boots on Connor in the first picture . I think Connor gets missed out for the older Gossip Girl stars who are more gossip site worthy .

    Its odd though that he's not been snapped by Kieth Munyan for popstar or tiger beat . I remember reading that Connor is also quite good on the stage . I'd cast him the forthcoming Dreamboats off broadway of Paul Russels 'The Coming Storm'

  2. How is it that you read all the same books I do.

  3. ha ha yes odd that , I love Paul Russels work , I do hope he writes a new book soon . Have you read Allan Stein by Matthew Stadler ? Such a great read , with a great part for Action Alex or Jean Bapitiste if it were to be made in to a film .

  4. I haven't watched GG since season one. Is he not blonde anymore.

    For him blonde > black.

  5. Those blonde highlights... *shudders*

    He's totally been looking better this season (when the show chose to acknowledge his existence, grumbles).

  6. jaymcfly: I have indeed read that fine novel. In a similar vein, The Folding Star by Alan Hollinghurst is worth checking out.

    J.D.: You slay me!

    Sean & J.D.: I, personally prefer his natural hair color (black) to the blond.

  7. How queer , I've read the folding star too , great read .
    mmm it must be time for a new novel by that writer too.