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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Giving the People What They Want

Out of curiosity (and a pathetic desire to pander to prospective readers) I recently used StatCounter to find out what kind of internet searches lead people to my site. The results were pretty much what I expected: "Cody Linley Gay." "Ed Speleers Gay." "Shirtless Austin Butler." My favorite: "Naked Alex Pettyfer Gay."

But wait!  This one is really my favorite! Somebody in Norway was looking for "Gaspard Ulliel Crocs." Does Gaspard Ulliel have his own line of Crocs?  No? Could it actually be that someone thinks it would be sexy to see Gaspard  wearing Crocs?  I've got news for you Person In Norway:  No matter how sexy a person is, they are always just a little bit less sexy when they are wearing Crocs

P.S. Person in Norway: Don't be mad at me. I have a pathetic desire to be loved.

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