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Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Alex!

My fantasy boyfriend and future ex-husband, Alex Pettyfer, turns 19 today, and to celebrate I am presenting a retrospective of Alex through the years. Happy Birthday, my dear Alex. No matter what anyone says, I'm not stalking you. Call me!


  1. Total Action Alex posting perfection ! I have never seen those super croped pictures of Action Alex after the Tom Brownes old skool days pictures . Very cute .

    I must say too I'm really liking the new tormented poster and it is pretty funny how the action one is shirtless . If it was me I would also have the grange hill dude shirtless too , to add a sense of mystery .

    So happy birthday action alex !

  2. Happy BDay Alex!
    Such a great guy...with that lovely hair of his and the great smile...not to forget his rippy bod!
    I would like to have a future ex-
    husband like him too!

  3. You have the best taste in boys. Only the very best can be found here. With a extra dash of good taste by posting a picture of Stephen Fry.