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Sunday, April 19, 2009

How Old?

Is it really possible that Sterling Knight, who plays Zac Efron/Matthew Perry's son in 17 Again and co-stars on some Disney Channel sitcom that I've never seen, is 20 years old? Yep, born March 5, 1989. He must be a casting director's dream. Not just a 20-year-old who can play a 15-year-old, but one who can do it convincingly.


  1. How Queer , oddly i was going to post sterling , but i'm sort of in two minds about him . a bit like boxers or briefs . I do know he lives with matty p , that could swing him more in my favour . Maybe if i saw him shirtless that would sway me more ! but he does have amazing cheekbones , and theres certainly something about him . just cant make my mind up .

  2. Yeah, he looks better in 17 Again than he does on Sonny.

    Also, swoon.

  3. This post wierded me out on many different levels.

    But I kinda like it.

  4. He could be trans... :)

    I'm 24 and look about 12-15 (according to reliable sources)