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Monday, April 13, 2009

Not Lost, But Found

Isn't it nice when you unexpectedly find something you've been looking for? Quite a while ago I used this boy as my Random Shirtless Guy, but I didn't know anything about him except that was pretty close to perfect. A couple of weeks ago I happened upon this photoset of him. Turns out that his name is Rob Moore, he's a Brit, he's a model (duh!) and this set was shot in 2006 by our old favorite Kai Z Feng. I've found a lot of other good pictures of him as well, and if you really want to see them I'd be happy to share.


  1. oh hes lovely , I see some eddie furlong in him and someone else who I cant recall yet .

  2. Yes - I really want to see them - please!

  3. I say, he's quite a find!
    That Kai Z Feng dude really knows his stuff.
    I like the last picture the best,
    he's got a terrific smile.