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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some More Things I Love, Once Again Avoiding the Topic of Cute Guys

Art Deco

Root Beer Floats

Busby Berkeley Numbers

Dr. Seuss

Capra Corn

Girl Groups of the 1960s

Eleanor Powell

Jeely Kly

Old Magazines

Broadway Musicals (I Said This the Last Time, But It Can't Be Stressed Enough)

Female Jazz Singers of the 1950s

1970s Disaster Movies

Any Food on a Stick Except Corndogs (Yuk)

Vintage Streisand

Bowling Shoes, But Not Bowling


  1. girls groups , I used to have a great tape many moons a go of sixities girl groups , I've long sine lost . But
    I've used my trusty itunes to build it back , my favs would be '' he's a doll '' by the honeys and ' give him a great big kiss '' by the Shangrilas.

  2. Great stuff! You have a keen eye for the finer things, I see. Now, about those bowling shoes...