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Monday, May 25, 2009

A Salute to the Fine Art of the MySpace Self-Portrait

Part three, because nothing succeeds like excess.


  1. now that is a super salute and selection !

  2. Excellent selection! I was thinking about posting my all time favourite self pic just the other day, but I couldn't retrieve it...
    Self pics are a great side effect of myspacing! Thanks!

  3. You know's really hard to pick a favourite from those....I have been meditating about them a lot.....they all look nice and they are equally (well) ripped. Maybe....I like the 5th from top best....he's got such a lovely swing in his eye brows....

  4. I love these.
    #3 for me please--those eyes, that skin.

  5. well.

    these certainly exemplify the manifold styles of myspace selfportrait employed in the webiverse today - extended arm shot, mirror shot, straight undies, trunks, hey-i-unzipped-my-jeans-a-little, i've-got-this-hat-on-for-some-reason...

    and yet the chosen examples hold true to accepted tenets of the medium, like unexplained (but not undesired) shirtlessness, medium-well-off suburban white people homes with white or beige color schemes, and of course ample attention paid to the crotch...

    *but*. whereas the looking-into-the-camera and looking-at-self-in-the-back-of-the-camera techniques are both covered, this collection pays no attention whatsoever to the looking-off-in-the-corner-somewhere technique, in this day and age influential to the point of pervasiveness

    it was this last point which shifted my humble assessment of the collection from pretty great, to

    absolutely fabulous