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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aaron Johnson, Cougar Hunter?

Matt Prokop may be cougar hunting in his next movie, but Aaron Johnson (that's him in the pictures- you probably don't recognize him in clothing) has done him one better by actually bagging a babe who is 23 years older than him. Sam Taylor-Wood is the director of Aaron's upcoming film Nowhere Boy, in which he plays John Lennon. According to all the tabloids, and we all know how reliable they are, “From the start Aaron was dead set on her... Sam resisted it for a long time.” Yeah, I'm sure he really had to twist her arm.

Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that Sam Taylor-Wood is a woman.


  1. Well on casting the Adonis , director Sam did say '' Aaron ozzes sex from every pore and yet is vulnerable ''
    And what big feet the adonis has too !

  2. Yikes, is he method acting for playing Oedipus.

  3. And now they're having a baby. It sorta freaks me out :/

  4. they've got a daughter now. too fucking bad.. :)