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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Odds and Ends

What with one thing and the other (Hello, Dolly!  Englert Civic Theatre, Iowa City, Iowa, June 12-14.  'Nuff said.) I haven't had enough time for regular blogging.  So I'll just toss a few things that have been on my mind lately at the wall  and see what sticks.

If I had to bet on who was going to end up in the finale of American Idol, I would put my money on Adam and Danny,  with Adam for the win.  But Kris Allen is the one who's album I'd be most likely to buy. 

This is a picture of Zeke and Ringo (Matthew Werkmeister and Sam Clark) from the Australian soap Neighbours.  I'd say more, but I have to go and find something to soak up the drool on my keyboard.  Wish I had a ShamWow! And I wish they'd show this damn show in America.

Ben Adams used to be in a boy band called A1.  They never crossed the pond.  Lately he has enjoyed a bit of a career revival due to his participation on Celebrity Big Brother. (It's hard for Americans to understand how popular Big Brother is in the UK and other parts of the world.  I'm always a bit surprised to learn that it is still being produced in America.)  I don't know if Ben has any talent at all, but he is one hot little hink.  I could look at him for hours.

And moving on from hinks to twinks, German Gymnast and tiny sex God Fabian Hambüchen has recently been photographed rising from the sea like Aphrodite. Damn! I wish I had me that ShamWow!  And a flashlight.

Finally, here is love of my life, Alex Pettyfer, goofing around on the set of his latest movie Tormented.  How I love it when hot boys act like goofballs.  Tormented opens next Friday in the UK.   If you live in the UK and for some reason choose not to be in attendance, I have lost all hope for you.


  1. Holy cannelloni! Must get me one of them Shamwows in case of posts like this one. It has been brought to my attention recently that Kris Allen is noticeably smaller than the other male constestants (I like small males).

  2. thats a super picture of zeke and ringo , over here they are fighting in an garden and zeke falls into a puddle , no really ! and get knocked out and ringo races off to get help .

    Ben was in a boi band A1 they did a lovely cover of the aha classic ' take on me ' now he writes and produces
    other pop bands .

  3. I'm surprised how many Zeke/Ringo vids there are on youtube.....sure I can understand why!