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Monday, May 4, 2009

One Big Gay Year

One year ago today something in my brain broke and I decided to launch this blog. My first attempt at a blog, Puppies of Purgatory, died of neglect about five years ago. I didn't know what I was doing then, and I still don't, but mostly I have a lot of fun doing it. Mostly.

Here, from my very first entry, is what I told people to expect :

There will be pictures of hot boys, there will be Judy Garland sightings, there will be drag queens, and there will be disco dancing with a round of cosmos after. That doesn't sound like a good time? Then feel free to go away. Everybody else, you are my kind of people and you will receive my unconditional love.

Sadly, I feel that I have neglected the drag queens. Someday I hope to remedy that. For the most part, the pictures of hot boys have dominated the blog, which is not really what I had in mind when I started, but there you go. If I'm being honest, hot boys are something that I am very interested in, so why pretend otherwise?

This is the first picture I ever posted at this site. If you are a regular reader I don't have to explain who this is, or the depth of my obsession. I will continue to be obsessed for the foreseeable future, and to anyone who has a problem with that I say, "Tough shit."
I would like to thank everyone who visits this blog. I would especially like to thank the 45 people who follow me on Blogger and the 43 people who subscribe to me on Feedburner. And my greatest love and gratitude goes out to the tiny minority of readers who take the time to comment on my posts and send me emails. You are the people who really make this whole thing worthwhile. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Now, let's go dancing!


  1. LOL
    I read all of your blog entries and admire your taste in boys ;)

    Keep going!!

    (Sydney, Australia)

  2. keep it up! your blog is a fun and entertaining escape with awesome yummy visual! <3 xoxo styledump

  3. congratulations , i love checking out your blog and finding out about models that are new to me .

  4. Found out about your blog pretty late, but added it to my daily routine ever since!
    Congrats and thanks for all the entertainment!

  5. Cheers. And save a two-step for me.

  6. It's not a blog-filled afternoon without commenting too. Mazel tov, darling!

  7. On the occasion of the blog's first anniversary, Vera wrote:

    Now, let's go dancing!
    And I reply, "In these shoes?" Oh, and a very happy first anniversary! Whatever are you gonna do with all that paper and cotton?

  8. Boffo blog, congrats Vera!
    You seem to have terrific taste in faces and fashion. But remember now, never brown in town.

  9. Happy Birhtday:)
    i love the way you write, it's so funny and of course, the pictures you post are super hot