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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tiny Rafi Gavron Brightens My Day

I've been wanting to see Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist for ages, but somehow never got around to it until today. If someone had only told me that in the first ten minutes of the film Rafi Gavron would be ripping his shirt off while singing a song called I Want to Screw That Man, I would have found the time sooner.

Aside from that, it really is a charming movie.


  1. Sorry to drop the ball on that Vera. Rafi was hot, as always .. and playing gay .. *sigh*

    I actually enjoyed the movie in general, my more conservative sister thought it was horrid. And Michael Cera isn't really all that cute .. but, I dunno, guess I have a thing for the sensitive, nerdy types ... well, right after the perfectly sculpted Alex Pettyfer types, that is.

  2. I thought he was the best thing and that was the best scene in the movie. But I never caught his name until now, thanks Vera.

  3. I'd love to leave a witty, erudite response, but I'm belatedly off to rent/view "Nick and Nora."

    Oh, and just in case others don't know, Michael Cera is a bona fide cutie.

  4. Oh, you know he's not tiny, Vera.

  5. I found this while searching for Rafi and Michael right after finishing the movie (I've wanted to see it since it came out, didn't realize that Nick's bffs would be gay!)

    Rafi is hot, but I would much rather be with Michael... he's just so cute and cuddly!