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Monday, June 15, 2009

Alex News: He F***s More Than A Rabbit

It's been over a month since the name Alex Pettyfer has occured on these pages. Do you admire my restraint? Quite a lot has happened in Alex World over the last few weeks. First, his film Tormented opened in the UK to, um, mixed reviews. It seems that Tormented is a love it or hate it experience. Alex's performance in his first-ever role as a bad guy garnered him personal reviews which were either praiseful or damning, with very little in between.

Alex did a lot of media to promote Tormented, including many video interviews in which he was charming, witty, self-effacing and beautiful, and many newspaper/magazine interviews, some of which depicted him as a cocky snot who needs to be taken down a peg. Is there any nation besides Great Britain where the most unforgivable trait a person can possess is self-confidence?

My favorite of these interviews was in The London Paper. There has been a long desputed rumor on the internet that Alex was the wearer of a chastity ring engraved with the words "True Love Waits." This interviewer asked him if it was true. Alex's response: "I fuck more than a rabbit." Is it any wonder that I love him?

Alex had been scheduled to attend the big Leicester Square premiere of Tormented, and then host a VIP after party, but at the last minute Hollywood beckoned and he was whisked back to North America to begin shooting Beastly instead. Aside from Vanessa Hudgens, as "Beauty " to Alex's "Beast", he will also joined by Mary-Kate Olsen as the witch who beastifies him. Fear of karmic retribution keeps me from commenting on this particular development. In good news, Awesomest Person Alive Neil Patrick Harris is his other co-star, which makes me happy, and the film's writer/director, Daniel Barnz, an out gay man, recently wrote/directed the highly praised Pheobe in Wonderland, which gives me hope.
Pictured above, is Alex and Mary Kate (but who is the gal in sunglasses and the blue robe?) between takes in Montreal last Saturday. I'm still swooning.


  1. Yummy. Thanks for the post. I love his quote. Was there any doubt he's getting all the sex he wants?

    Are you going to post this at FMF?

  2. As you said over at F.M he certainly has hit the gym , and of course looks wow ! .

    'Fear of karmic retribution ' i love it !

  3. lol what a charming way of phrasing it. looking good though

  4. Oh my ...

    ... Vera, dearest, is there just the SLIGHT chance that there's a little emperor's new clothes going on here?

    He's gorgeous ... he fucks more than a bunny ... he's being directed by an out gay man ... he's co-starring with Neil Patrick Harris ...

    He's thin, single, and neat ...

    Vera, is it possible he's ... you know ... a Friend of Kenny (as Dame Edna would say)?

    Vera! Oh no! Somebody get some smelling salts!