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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blast From The Past

Does anyone remember Keith and Derek Brewer, collectively known as The Brewer Twins? They were quite the internet sensation back in the days when the internet was little more than two tin cans on a string. Keith and Derek became notorious when they were photographed making out in their birthday suits by Bruce Weber. Lest you get any funny ideas, they later claimed that they were tricked into having those photos taken. How does that work, do you suppose? Did they happen to be making out in their birthday suits and Bruce Weber took their picture when they weren't looking?


  1. You bet the poor, innocent Brewer lads were tricked! Same as erstwhile gay porn boy Simon Rex was tricked several times into appearing in Brad Posey's legendary homages to twink masturbation. And, boy, am I glad all these innocents proved so gullible.

    Keith and Derek even parlayed their [ahem] exposure into cameos in uber butch Greg Araki's third film in his "90210 on acid" series, "Nowhere". No gay vibe to those films!

  2. I remember their lovely blonde bangs so well , and of course loved Bruce Weber's pictures of them , they even had a book out at one point I recall .

  3. Thanks for the marvelous memories!
    Wonder what they look like nowadays?