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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Model of the Moment

Benelux beauty Bram Vercamer is a 19-year-old model from Belgium who was discovered while working retail. He has a slightly exotic look, don't you think? I like him. I want him to speak Dutch to me.


  1. oh i like him , so slim and such lovely locks , discovered in retail you say , not walmart i take it ?

  2. Slim and slender indeed!

    Speaking Dutch you say? Hm...well, if he's from Belgium he probably can do it French style too! How about that?

  3. Exotic beauties happen to be just my type. He's incredible! And new to me (I think). Thanks for the intro!

  4. Lmao, no you wouldn't... Dutch is the foulest language ever.
    Go with French :)