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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mystery Model Challenges Adonis For Title

Can one even be eligible for the Titanic Tresses award when nobody knows your name? Thankfully that decision is up to jamcfly and not me, but a hairdo like this is awfully hard to ignore. In the meantime, perhaps one of my sharp-eyed readers can identify this mystery boy.


  1. His waistband says, his name is Calvin Klein or something like that....

  2. I can confirm that the 'Mystery Model' will be considered for next years 'Titanic Tresses Award ' along side Adonis Aaron and his hair hopping locks .

    The Oscar Wilde Dreamboat Academy is though concerned at the length of the Mystery Models headphone cable and where it appears to be ' plugged into ' a side issue perhaps , but the Academy must ensure that the health and well being of all its prospective nominees is of paramount consideration
    as is the excessive use of what the Academy ' defines as 'over styling '

    1. Locks that have been back combed over a 100 times by one brush .

    2 . Locks that have been blow dryed and or styled by hanging the model , actor or singer upside down to cause maxmium lift and height of , fringe or quiff .

    3. Locks that have been altered by computer generated effects .

  3. That's a great pic.
    It looks like his hair weighs more than the rest of him. :)