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Monday, June 29, 2009

Sid Gets Medieval On Your Ass

Nobody bothered to tell me (or IMDb for that matter) that Mike Bailey, who was so awesome as Sid in the original version of Skins, had finally landed a new role. In May he had a lead role in a two-part movie on British TV Channel 4 called 1066: The Battle For Middle Earth. These pictures don't even begin to convey how adorable he is.


  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing the good news!
    Sid was my favourite character in "Skins"
    Love the shaggy hair on Mike.

  2. This picture hints at how cute he can be and this was at the Skins wrap party, not part of the show.

  3. Oh, my. More popular, and undeniably uber tasty, "Skins" eye candy aside -- (Nick Hoult, Mitch Hewer, anyone?) -- the undeniably loverly, unassuming Sid was totally my favorite character!

    It's good to hear Mike has a new role. As for the period, he can get medieval or anything else! on me any time he chooses.

    Thanks as ever, dear Vera, for the info!

  4. Hooray! Thanks for letting us know. He's such the unsung underdog from Skins.