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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Strait Talk

Before he was the star of horrible movies Steven Strait was a mop-topped teen model. You may have seen him in the ridiculous 10,000 BC (Enslaved cavemen built the pyramids using woolly mammoths as beasts of burden, while fighting off sabre toothed tigers? In North Africa? Whaaa?) and the most (unintentionally?) over-the-top homoerotic mainstream film since, well, ever, The Covenant. So far as an actor he has impressed me with his good looks but not necessarily his acting ability. Maybe someday he'll get a chance to change my mind. I'm informed that he's a pretty good singer, but I'm not willing to sit through a film starring Ashlee Simpson to find out.


  1. Oh I do love that steven , i think he was better in the covenant than 10,000 bc in his own way acting wise .
    the covenant what a film and that swim scene ...!

  2. I like him!
    I even liked 10,000BC!
    But I didn't realize that all these pics are of him until I read the post. I thought the top one was Taylor Lautner!

  3. I have The Covenant on DVD sitting on my shelf for more than a year now....maybe I should go and watch it! I think I bought it for Taylor Kitsch, but Steven Strait is qute a hottie too!

  4. And let's not forget his stunning performance in "Sky High" - as the son of a super-hero father and a super-villain mother! His character is rather hilariously called Warren Peace, and he gets in quite a bit of fetching brooding in the movie!