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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh Canada!

It must be something in the water up there, because it seems as if a disproportional amount of lovely guys come from Canada. Corey Sevier is a 25-year-old actor from Ontario who first made his mark playing Timmy in the late '90s version of Lassie. He's done most of his work in TV, notably in the clothing-impaired FOX series North Shore a few years ago. If you ever get a chance you really should see his starring turn in Decoys, a film that is not only one of the great "so bad it's good" movies of recent years, but also gives him ample opportunity to model his underwear. Boxer briefs, in case you're wondering.


  1. Whoa, he's a hunk and a half!
    I haven't seen him in anything since he was a very cute chubby-cheeked child actor.

  2. I first recall Corey from Alliance Canada's late-nineties, classic tv series, Little Men.

    It also starred the equally adorable Trevor Blumas. Both Corey and Trevor were aged 14~16 during production.

    The series is widely available on DVD. It's very much worth a look if you're a Corey and/or Trevor fan.