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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Popularity Contest

As much as I really do try not to pander to my audience and to post only things that are truly of interest to me, I can never resist checking out StatCounter and Google Analytics to learn what people are looking at here, what they are looking for that brought them here, where they come from, and where they went afterwards. One of the more gratifying things I've learned is that the vast majority of people who connect to me through a search engine are looking specifically for this blog and not for specific content on this blog. And also, a lot of my readers don't come through a link or search engine at all, but come here directly.

Some other things I've learned:
1) Sorry Microsoft. Nobody is using Bing. Also, a lot more people seem to be using Firefox than the official market share figures would seem to indicate. (I'm probably the only person who finds that interesting.)
2) The more text a post has, the less popular it is. Nobody, relatively speaking, will be reading this post.
3) The biggest traffic day I've ever had was a day when I didn't post anything.
4) The most visited page on this blog is a post I did about Ed Speleers back in May 2008.
5) The two most popular keywords that lead to this site are "shirtless" and "gay."
6) All of my most popular posts are about actors. The most popular actors I've posted about are Alex Pettyfer, Aaron Johnson, Cody Linley, Ed Speleers and...
7) far the most popular person I have ever had on this site: Austin Butler.

So I leave you then with the lovely Austin. I got these photos from Dreamboats, who got them from AustinBulterFan, who got them from Mikul Photography. It's a big month for the beautiful Butler as he has both a movie and a TV series debuting in the next few weeks.


  1. And yet, I read every word! But, this is largely why I don't bother to put down my thoughts on my blog, unless I just can't help myself -- I just don't think anyone cares what lil' ol' me has to say (they just want to drool over my boys).

    And thanks for the pics of Austin! That first pic is such a tease, the full, pouty lips and the opening in the shirt poised just right to see that luscious nipple.

  2. I read it all!
    It was interesting too.
    Would never have guessed Austin as #1. Prolly woulda guessed Alex Pettyfer or one 'o them supermodels. Not that I'm complaining. Go Austin!

  3. Indeed, the search for "Austin Butler" seems to be performed quite frequently and leads to my blog too.
    It's even "Austin Butler naked" sometimes...well, sadly that's not gonna happen....

  4. Come now, Luke. We can always dream!

  5. I read this post. :-)

    Pictures are always great too.



  6. thank you for the credit

  7. @Vera: interesting!
    @Mikul: nice work--encore!

  8. I, too, hang on every word Vera condescends to type! The more such words, the merrier!

    Needless to say, my own blog 'stats' are far more depressing, since my entries are always very long and almost always about boring old BOOKS!

    But this posting of yours has emboldened me! I'm going to find a way to do a BEEFCAKE entry, just to see if my traffic spikes!

    And congrats on Austin Butler! Nice to know the boy has good taste!