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Monday, July 6, 2009

Smilin' Ed Speleers Keeps Smiling

Sometimes I feel a bit sorry for Ed Speleers. It seems as if everything he's done has been savaged by the critics and/or perceived as a failure. (Eragon, by the way, was not a good movie, but it made a lot of money.) After raising quite a bit of unseemly schadenfreude when he was photographed while working on a construction crew, he signed a modeling contract that never resulted in any high profile assignments, although he did a nice photo session with Kai Z Feng. He made a small independent film, Little Birds, which was never released and isn't even listed at IMDb. The general consensus on his TV series, Echo Beach (and tangentially its companion series Moving Wallpaper) was that as a soap it was boring and as a spoof it wasn't very funny.

Don't feel too bad for Ed though, because after a long dry spell it looks as if he has several projects in the works, and he is currently filming Cowboys For Christ, Robin Hardy's "reimagination" of his own cult classic The Wicker Man- not to be confused with the craptastic Hollywood remake of a few years ago. Ed plays an American missionary in Scotland who learns a little more than he wants to know about local customs.


  1. oh good for ed , i like him too i have that very edition of attitude magazine as well . The wicker man follow up sounds very interesting . I loved the orginal , its shown about every 4 months over here on brit tv and i watch it every time .

    That nic cage version '' no no the bees argggh ''was truly dreadful !

    I think with ed all he needs is the right director and he will be away !

  2. Vera very nice pic selection which has gotten my interest up again.