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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thank God For The French...

...Or rather, thank the deity of your choice for the French people who put together Têtu Magazine for sharing these lovely, oh-so-tasteful nudes of gorgeous model (from Iowa!) Kerry Degman pretending to be a skateboarder. Did I say that models are the new porn stars? Consider this Exhibit "B."


  1. Oh yes they are. I have posted some pictures some time ago of Christopher Fawcett..full naked and...aroused...

    (Fashion editors are now saying that those pictures are photoshoped...)

  2. This is why, Vera, that you ARE the wind beneath my wings! Woof!

  3. JUICY is an understatment; I was just asked about writing a skateboarders story for one of my publishers, just today - so your timing is PERFECT, thanks!

  4. If this is current skateboarding fashion in France, then I am definitely living in the wrong country.