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Monday, July 27, 2009

Who Is Jace Wayland? And Who Will Play Him In The Movie?

I haven't read the trilogy of popular young adult novels by Cassandra Clare known collectively as The Mortal Instruments, but from what I gather, Jace Wayland is the series' Edward Cullen. There's something inherently funny (but sweet) about all the fangirls who endlessly debate and promote their dream casts for their favorite books, because ultimately it's a futile exercise. After all, nobody, and I mean nobody, was pushing for Robert Pattinson in that popular teen vampire movie, but he got the role over a lot of other hotly touted candidates. So even though casting other people's films may not be something I get too worked up over, my interest was piqued when it was recently pointed out to me that if you perform a Google Image search for Jace Wayland, what you find is something akin to consensus (keeping in mind that there is no such thing as consensus on the internet) that the only person who can possibly play the role is a 19-year-old English actor by the name of Alex Pettyfer. Ever heard of him? I'm not fooling myself into believing that Alex will play the part. Although a Mortal Instruments film is rumored to be in development, who knows if or when it will ever be made, whether the producers have any interest in Alex for the part, whether he would even be interested or available. So many variables.

But look at the picture I posted above. Fan art, do you suppose? Some 14-year-old girl with a copy of Poser and a Deviant Art account? No, this was posted at Cassandra Clare's blog. It is the actual cover of the Polish edition of the first book in the trilogy, City of Bones. Now try and tell me that isn't Alex Pettyfer. Go on, I dare ya.


  1. The books are really, really good - and your darling boy would be PERFECT as Jace Wayland!

  2. Well I do love a bit of fantasy casting myself . In the case of Action Alex , looks like another perfect role .

  3. he would be the perfect jace............ completeley .... im 14 so i can imagine what the cast of the books would look like and i am being completeley honest in saying he is pretty much perfect for Jace

  4. he is the perfect jace he has the sames description that cassandra clare wrote on her book!its no t sames qith edward culeen seriosuly stepheny meyer didnt put specific charateristics about edward , but if you read the book youll see why everbody in the whole wordl that have read the book imagine jace as alex pettyfer