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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mind Blown

This will mean nothing to most of you, but this production of Rent by City Circle Acting Company at the Englert Theatre in Iowa City, with a cast entirely made up of ridiculously talented high school students, was one of the most fucking amazing things I've ever seen, and I'm not saying that because my roommate directed it. I have heard the cast album approximately 8,000,000 times, I've seen professional productions, the (bad) movie, the (better) live video, but I have never seen a Rent that contected so completely with an audience. And I've seldom seen an audience loose its shit the way they did during the act one opener Seasons of Love. It was genuine goosebump-inducing magic. The final performance is this afternoon. If you are in the Iowa City area you owe it to yourself to see it.

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