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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Model of the Moment

One perk of blogging is that you have wonderful readers like Karel, who kindly sent me these photos of gorgeous model Mathieu Flamain. Isn't he lovely? Karel also mentioned that Paris-based Mathieu, is "one of the sweetest, kindest guys ever." Isn't that nice? Mathieu is also a student. How difficult would it be to concentrate on a lecture with someone like Mathieu sitting there next to you? I wouldn't learn a thing.


  1. Whoah! Nice bod indeed! Love his hair too...
    Thanks Karel and Vera for sharing!

  2. Vera, thanks! I've had that bw pic with the white rose for forever, but I've never known who he is. Soooo pretty!

  3. Luv his blonde hair, but he's a little too femme for me!

  4. What an elegant creature, reminds me of a cheetah. Would love to see him in motion.