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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sexiest of them all?

The UK edition of Glamour Magazine recently polled 2000 British women and asked who the sexiest men on the planet were. Not surprisingly, yet hilariously, the top spot was filled by a Mr. Robert Pattinson, the star of a popular movie in which he portrayed a 300-year-old teenage vampire. This follows closely on the heels of a nonscientific internet poll conducted by Vanity Fair in which over half of the respondents chose Pattinson as the most handsome man alive. The other half said, "Oh what does it matter? It's obviously gonna be the kid with the weird hair." By the way, I made a special effort to choose a photo of him that I like.

It was a British poll so there are some choices that might be baffling to an American audience. I was especially taken aback by a fellow called
Noel Fielding. If the photo on the Glamour website is any indication, Mr. Fielding is a not-particularly-attractive middle-aged woman. But I could be wrong.

Coming in at #21, and the youngest person on the list by a few years, is an up-and-coming actor I may have mentioned here before. His name is Alex Pettyfer.

Here's the full list. Discuss. And don't blame me.

1. Robert Pattinson
2. Johnny Depp
3. Hugh Jackman
4. David Beckham
5. Brad Pitt
6. Zac Efron
7. George Clooney
8. Chace Crawford
9. Justin Timberlake
10. Colin Firth
11. Channing Tatum
12 Wentworth Miller
13. Ed Westwick
14. David Tennant
15. Enrique Iglesias
16. Jensen Ackles
17. Colin Farrell
18. Josh Holloway
19. Chad Michael Murray
20. Paul Walker
21. Alex Pettyfer
22. Gerard Butler
23. Jake Gyllenhaal
24. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
25. Josh Hartnett
26. Jude Law
27. Shia LaBeouf
28. Chris Pine
29. Christian Bale
30. Cristiano Ronaldo
31. Daniel Craig
32. Ewan McGregor
33. Matthew McConaughey
34. Orlando Bloom
35. Rafael Nadal
36. Clive Owen
37. James McAvoy
38. Leonardo Di Caprio
39. Milo Ventimiglia
40. Will Smith
41. Fernando Torres
42. Jason Statham
43. Keanu Reeves
44. Noel Fielding
45. Russell Brand
46.Ryan Reynolds
47. Tom Welling
48. Ashton Kutcher
49. Brandon Flowers
50. Cam Cigandet


  1. Interesting...but it's "Escher" Holloway, not "Josh" and of course he's supposed to be in the top five..

  2. I do not get why anybody think Robert Pattinson is attractive.

    At least Zac, Alex and Fernando Torres were on the list somewhere.

  3. Noel Fielding is hot. A bit wierd looking, yes. But hilarious and had the best hair/make up/clothes of any one ever. Plus, did I mention HILARIOUS???