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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

StylesThat Might Not Catch On

Check out Ash Stymest decked out as some kind of gay Bedouin. I just love the drawn on Pubert mustache. And before anyone says it, I know! I've posted Ash three times in as many days. I really don't spend hours gazing dreamily at his pictures. I swear.


  1. Oh Ash, is there anything he can't do? Wonder how this look would go over for casual Friday at work?

  2. I saw this yesterday, and I was SO tempted to ask what a "Pubert moustache" was, but I didn't want to look culturally ignorant.

    Then, totally by random coincidence, last night I popped an unlabeled tape into the old VCR to have background noise as I cleaned. And it showed me ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES!